COVID -19 Festival Health and Safety Protocols (By purchasing a ticket festival attendee agrees to abide by all health guidelines of the festival.)

  • All attendees must attest that they have not been sick with COVID-19 for at least 14 days prior to the festival; nor have they been in contact with anyone they know to have COVID-19.

  • At the time of the festival the attendee does not have a fever nor are they showing other signs and symptoms of COVID-19. 

  • Attendees will stand only in the designated spots in front of each tasting station to sample wines. (A total of 4 people will be allowed at each tasting station at a time.) 

  • Attendees are asked to stay with their designated POD of people and limit interactions with unknown individuals when able.

  • Festival goers will maintain Social Distancing when able.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the festival. 

  • All wineries will have access to cleaning supplies and gloves during transactions with festival attendees. 

  • Wineries will offer contactless payment when able to. 

  • Festival organizers will enforce all local and state health and safety requirements current at the time of the festival; as well as follow all suggested guidelines for social distancing set forth by the CDC.

By purchasing tickets to Sip TN Chattanooga, attendees understand that Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance and Public Markets are not responsible the possible contraction of COVID-19. The attendee knowingly take upon them selves the health risk of participating in an outdoor event during COVID-19 and understand that all health and safety steps have been taken to the best of the Festivals ability to prevent transmission.